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My Hebrew Roots Journal – Backwards

One of the most frequent criticisms I hear concerning The Hebrew Roots Movement is HebrewRootsthat it’s adherents interpret the Bible backward. The argument goes something like this: They start in the Old Testament, in The Law and The Prophets, and let those writings then influence their understanding of the New Testament.

And as far as the argument goes, I would agree with it one hundred percent. That is exactly what Hebrew Roots adherents do.

However, those who make such arguments are the ones that have things backward.

They come to the Bible with a completely western mindset and read the New Testament with no regard at all for what the Old Testament says. They take certain key phrases like, “we are no longer under the law, but under grace”, and spin doctrines that fit their mindset and way of thinking, but these same doctrines do violence to the whole Word of God.

The basis for many of these doctrines that sound nice but do not fit the Bible has their roots in the writings of Paul. But what they fail to understand is that Paul did not share our western mindset, but rather was a Hebrew, a Pharisee, steeped in The Torah and The Prophets, and his doctrines relied completely on his worldview which was decidedly Middle-Eastern. Then people try to understand Paul from their western mindset and context without even learning what Paul was referring to in most cases.

News flash, when Paul was writing there was no New Testament, every proof text used by Paul was directly out of the Old Testament, which, since we are no longer under the law but under grace, most modern thinkers don’t spend much time there.

Perhaps if we are to understand a Middle-Eastern writer such as Paul or any of the New Testament writers, partially accepting Luke, we should spend some time learning what they knew without even thinking about it.

In other words, until we understand their worldview, their context, we will never fully understand what they are trying to teach, often with disastrous results.


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