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My Hebrew Roots Journal – Being a Berean

As I have started learning about Hebrew Roots, what it is and what it teaches, I have TheBereanswatched a lot of videos on YouTube. In the beginning, I was little more than binge-watching, drinking in all that I could of a refreshing view of Biblical truth. But, as I soon discovered, all was not well. Not all YouTube sources are reliable or trustworthy. Let me give an example.

One video I watched wanted to prioritize Biblical teachings, The words of God first, then the words of Jesus, then the apostles, and finally the words of the disciples. But then it went on to say that if any of those sources was in conflict with a source that had a higher priority, then that teaching had to be set aside. So, if a teaching of Paul conflicted with a teaching from the Old Testament, then the teaching of Paul has to be rejected.

But this is a HUGE problem in that it completely subverts the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy. It supposes that Man has a perfect understanding of the scriptures and that if two passages seem to conflict, then it must be the Bible that is in error rather than the understanding of the reader. The arrogance of that attitude is colossal and incredibly dangerous. This is heresy just waiting to happen.

No, either the Bible or to be more precise, the original manuscripts from which our Bible derives, are inerrant or the Bible cannot be trusted in anything that it teaches.

That error was easy to spot. No Berean style investigation was even necessary. But what about videos or sites where the error is more subtle?

And then I realized, this is why I need to test every teaching, look up their scripture references and make sure they are being used correctly. View the references in context, and see if the offered interpretation stands up in context. And then, look up similar verses and verify that the offered teaching does not conflict with those verses, in context, either.

This, of course, has slowed my watching considerably but at the same time, it has increased my level of conviction (of the truth) considerably as well.


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