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My Hebrew Roots Journal – Baby Steps

For a while, not much changed. I continued with my daily readings baby-stepsfrom The Old and New Testaments and prayer with the one addition that I would now daily remember His calling and make myself available for whatever He would have me do.

This went on for a few weeks. I knew to just wait, that the Lord would speak again when His time was right.

One day, as I was watching a few Christian based YooTube videos from my favorite pastors, a recommendation for a video came up that attracted my attention. It was from a channel I had never heard of before, “James and Lea D Philia Ministries”. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQRFecY0YwbXCFtTwNddXcw) So I clicked on the video and watched. I don’t remember the topic now, but I was definitely attracted by the subject matter. There are things in my experience with the institutional church that just leave me feeling empty at times, and I felt that this video helped to fill that emptiness. So I watched more. And over the next few days, a lot more.

I didn’t even know that this was a Hebrew Roots channel, I just knew they were saying a lot of things I needed to hear.

Now, I have had some contact in the past with Hebrew Roots people, and I always came away with a bad taste in my mouth, but these people were not like that at all. By this time I knew that James and Lea were Hebrew Roots, and I became very skeptical because of my past dealings with this crowd.

But James and Lea are always encouraging their listeners not to take their word for anything but to check everything they said in the scripture. And that is just what I have been doing.


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