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The Essence Of Christianity In Just Four Words

Here is the essence of Christianity in just four words:FollowMe

Jesus commands:  “Follow Me”

And we respond:  “Yes Lord”

These words are a paraphrase of Evangelist David Tran in our morning Church service on March 15, 2015.

There are two things that impressed me, first about our Lord’s command, and second, about our expected response.

First, Jesus says simply, “Follow Me”.  he does not give the command with any conditions such as, “follows Me in My compassion”, or, “follow Me in how I love the hurting”.

No, His command is unconditional and absolute.  He commands us to follow without knowing exactly what that entails, therefore, we must trust Him.

Second, our response, “Yes Lord”, is unconditional as well, and without reservation.  If we are truly sincere in our “Yes Lord”  assent, we are willingly forfeiting all rights to run our lives as we see fit, and give ourselves into His hands to lead us, guide us, mold us, and use us as He wills.  We no longer live for our own glory, but for the glory of our Lord.

The gravity of our Lord’s command to follow Him cannot be over emphasized, nor can the gravity of our intent to follow.

Though I daily assent to His command, I also daily, fail in my desire to follow Him, many times, in fact.

I thank God for His assurance of mercy and grace, for without that, I would be truly undone when I stand before my Lord.


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