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A New Journey – First Steps

first-stepMy last day of work was Thursday, August 14.

From the time I landed this job, almost exactly four years earlier, I knew that God’s hand was in it.  My wife and I, along with our Church, had been praying for this job for over a year, and when it was offered, the circumstances were such that it was obviously a gift from God.  As it was a gift from my Lord, I remembered to thank Him for it often.

One of the things I learned during my earlier unemployment was to always live with my hands open.  Everything I have is from God, and He gives when He pleases, but when the usefulness of a thing is gone, He may take it away again as well.  So I make a practice of living with my hands open, not grasping what God has placed in them so I do not frustrate His purposes in my life.

And it has been the same with this job.  As much as I might like to hope that this job would be my last, that I would keep it until my retirement (I am 61 years old), I have always known that God may have other plans, the He may choose to take that job from me at any time.  And, as it turns out, God does have other plans.  Or, who knows, I may have just left the last job (at least in the sense that I may understand the meaning of the word) that I will ever hold.  I do not know what tomorrow will bring.  But I do know the One Who inhabits my tomorrow already, and I trust Him with whatever it may hold for me.

I see that I’ve rambled.  I seem to have forgotten altogether the name of this post, “First Steps”.  So, I suppose I should get around to the point of this post and save the rambling for another time.

Well, as you may already have guessed, my very first step was prayer.  And the main thrust of my prayer was to give thanks unto my Lord for revealing His will for my life, and to express my trust in Him as I move forward each day.

I decided that now is the perfect opportunity to start a through the Bible in one year reading plan.  I chose a plan that reads straight through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation rather than one that skips around to different parts every day.  I wanted to get a better feel for the scope and continuity of the Scripture, so I chose to read end to end.  I am on day four now, and will be reading Genesis 12-15.  One of my main focuses through the Scripture will be to find all the places that Jesus is referred to, especially in the Old Testament.  Many people are quite astounded to learn that Jesus is mentioned in Genesis 3, and not just once, but twice!

I have decided that I will devote at least part of my time off to charity work.  I have a burden for the poor and homeless, so I imagine it will be in some capacity of helping these precious souls.

I don’t want to miss the blessing that the Lord has in store during these coming days, so I am devoted to spending time in prayer, both in seeking His will for my life and for my wife and I as a couple, but also I want to begin to spend more time in intercessory prayer as well.  I pray that the Lord continues to make me sensitive to those who have little or nothing, and never to forget that these souls are as precious in the Lord’s sight as anyone else.

Yesterday I updated my résumé and my LinkedIn account.  I have also begun to make plans to activate my professional network of contacts and begin to reach out to recruiters. letting them know of my availability.

And one last plan that I will put into effect this week, I will begin to walk our younger dog.  Tiffany is now over 15 and can’t handle a lot of activity, but Suri is just approaching her second birthday and can use all the activity that her owners can give her.  And it probably won’t do me any harm either.

Until next time, I pray that God would bless all of my readers.  If you have any prayer requests, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or, if you would rather, send me an email.

Until next time, God bless!

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  1. […] A New Journey – First Steps […]

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  2. Thank you Naomi, I feel so blessed by His love already, and I feel Him drawing me nearer. I covet your prayers that this time of renewal and refreshment would be a blessing to my wife, to those around me, and yes, to me as well.

    I would consider it an honor to pray for your husband’s salvation and for your personal requests as well.

    May His grace increase in all of us!

    Comment by johnconstitution | August 19, 2014 | Reply

  3. John I pray that during this time God would draw you even more closely to Himself. I pray also that your time of Bible study is richly rewarding for you spiritually.

    If you could pray for my husband’s salvation that would be wonderful. Also for me to be a more humble servant of Christ, giving to others due to His grace.

    God bless you John.

    Comment by Naomi | August 19, 2014 | Reply

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