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What Are You Doing For Mother’s Day?

Millions of American’s will be celebrating Mother’s Day in just a few weeks, on Sunday, May 11. Perhaps you will be buying your Mother a nice card and a box of her favorite chocolates. Or, if you are a married man, you will be buying the Mother of your children a gift, something that will show her how much you appreciate what she is doing for the children.

But a Mother is a deeply caring creature, and the gifts that we buy our favorite Mother may be very nice tokens, they don’t really address a Mother’s caring nature.

But there is a way. There are millions of children around the world who are living in dire circumstances. Some are living with disease. Others are starving because the family is so poor that there is no food. And still others are living with the results of their Mother’s desperate action, selling their child into slavery so that the rest of the family might have a chance to survive.

How better to honor your favorite Mother than to rescue one of these little children?

Anjali Kumari 2Meet Anjali Kumari!  Anjali is 5 years old, lives in Uttar Pradesh, India, and is enrolled in Gospel For Asia’s Bridge Of Hope Program.  Isn’t she a cute one?

I recently sponsored Anjali on behalf of my favorite Mom, my wife, Alice, as a Mother’s Day gift.

As a Bridge Of Hope child, Anjali receives one nourishing meal every day, medical care and checkups, and participates in daily school classes where she learns the basics of education so she can one day break the cycle of poverty, as well as instruction in hygiene for better health, and most importantly of all, she is learning about Jesus and His salvation.

Will you honor your Mother or wife this year by joining me in sponsoring a child from the Bridge of Hope?  In doing so,  you not only assure that one child will be given a real chance at a better life, you will be fundamental in seeing that your sponsored child is given the opportunity to establish a saving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  And it does not end there.  I have read many stories where the parents of a Bridge Of Hope child will give their lives to the Lord as a result of their child’s conversion, and many times the parent’s conversion will spill over to include the village where they live.

So, won’t you join me?  You can select a child to sponsor simply by clicking this link.

May God bless you as you follow His lead in reducing the suffering in the world.


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