A Cup Of Water For A Little One

Jesus speaking, “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.”  Matthew 10:42

Water.  In our culture we take it completely for granted.  If we want a drink we just turn the faucet and there is water in abundance.  Clean, fresh, water!WaterForChildrenn

But for many people around the world, clean, fresh water is something people have never heard of.  For many, especially during the summer when rivers have all run dry, a pond that is shared with animals serves all of the water needs for those who live nearby.   Some people drink from ponds that are shared by animals, like the one pictured here.

Would you even consider drinking water from the pond in the picture?  Would you give this water to your children to drink?  Unfortunately, millions of people have no choice.  It is either drink and risk water-borne disease, or don’t drink and die of thirst.

About 3.5 million deaths are caused yearly by water-borne disease.  Among children under 5 years of age, one in five deaths are caused by diarrhea, that is about 1.5 million deaths every year.

If you are like me, you will find these facts disturbing.  You will experience revulsion at the idea of drinking such water yourself, and equally at the idea that millions of people are drinking such water every day of their lives.  

But, there is something that we can do.  Gospel For Asia is helping to spread the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to thirsty areas throughout Asia, in part by building Jesus Wells.  A Jesus Well is a well built by Asian nationals but funded by Gospel For Asia.  And we can all be part of the effort to build these well.

A Jesus Well can be built for $1000.  Imagine, if you decided to take the money you would spend on a meal out and send it to Gospel For Asia instead, and 30 or 40 others did the same, a new Jesus Well could be built, and a whole village of people who are drinking water that pigs swim in could have the same fresh, clean water that you and I take so much for granted.


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