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Are We Married To Jesus But Having An Affair With Satan?

First off, I want to acknowledge the source of my title phrase, it comes from the “Be Better Not Bitter” Blog, and this excellent post.  My thanks to Shenine and her excellent work! When I first read Shenine’s phrase about being married to Jesus I knew I had to expand a little on it, so, here goes.

Many Christians would like to believe that they can have their salvation with the Lord, and still play around with their favorite sins now and then.  They want to profess a relationship with Jesus on the one hand, but still have a little fling from time to time, to keep things interesting.  In other words, they want to be married to their Lord, but still maintain an adulterous relationship with Satan. Here is what the Bible says about that idea:

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  —  Joshua 24:10 (KJV)

The Bible does not leave us free to serve the Lord part-time and then turn around and serve Satan part-time.  The Bible calls on us to choose, and choose today, who will we serve?  This choice is not to be taken lightly, much is at stake here so it is up to us to choose wisely.  The Bible says:

15 See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil;

16 In that I command thee this day to love the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments, that thou mayest live and multiply: and the Lordthy God shall bless thee in the land whither thou goest to possess it.

17 But if thine heart turn away, so that thou wilt not hear, but shalt be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them;

18 I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish, and that ye shall not prolong your days upon the land, whither thou passest over Jordan to go to possess it.

19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

20 That thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.  —  Deuteronomy 30:15-20

What will we follow?  Will we follow life and good?  Or will we follow death and evil?  Jesus, or Satan?  We can’t follow both.

The prophet Elijah asks the same question:

And Elijah came to all the people, and said, “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.”  —  i Kings 18:21 (NKJV)

We have a choice to make: Who is our God?  Is it Jesus?  Is it Satan?  Is it our flesh?  The world and its pleasures?  But Jesus says:

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.  —  Luke 9:23 (KJV)

Notice, Jesus does not say that we are to indulge our flesh when we wish or take a little time away to keep company with the world?  No, he said that we are to deny ourselves.

And finally, it is not enough that we call Jesus our Savior and then don’t do the things that He says.  Jesus put it this way:

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.  —  Matthew 7:21 (KJV)

Remember, we are to:

Enter (ye) in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.  —  Matthew 7:13,14 (KJV)


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  1. Hi All.

    John, I had appreciated your message, until, in the reply to one comment you said “I needn’t worry about whether I’ve been good or bad as far as my salvation is concerned”.

    This reply is somewhat contradictory to your message, in my opinion.

    God bless,


    Comment by Jude Rabbani | February 5, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi Jude, First, I want to thank you for stopping by and for adding your thoughts to the discussion

      I am not sure that I see the contradiction that you point out. It is true that the Bible clearly shows that the path of the believer ought to lead him or her to full submission to our Lord, but our salvation is not based on that submission. If it were, we could never know that we are saved since we will never be perfectly, fully submitted, so, we would be left with the question, are we submitted enough?

      No, our salvation is based solely on the grace of God through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. If I know that my faith rests in the Lord’s work on the cross then I can trust that, by the grace of God, I am saved. I can have full assurance of salvation. I do not need to worry if I am submitted enough, and I do not have to worry that I still sin as I will sin as long as I am in this corrupted flesh.

      Does that make sense?

      Comment by johnconstitution | February 5, 2014 | Reply

      • Thanks for your reply John. I read in your message that what you are saying actually is that vast multitudes of professing Christians call Jesus ‘Lord,’ but they practice lawlessness. They profess faith in Jesus, but have no regard for the divine law.

        Somehow then, I seem to understand that you are saying these Christians are not really saved, and that a person must try very hard to stop sinning in order to be saved.

        God bless,


        Comment by Jude Rabbani | February 5, 2014 | Reply

        • Hi Jude,

          Not at all. I believe the Bible says clearly that the only was to salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ to pay the debt for sins and that all attempts at salvation by works must always fail.

          If my blog post seems to say any differently that is unintentional. I will be sure to reread the post to see if any clarification is needed. Or, if you can point me to a specific area that you find troubling, I will edit it to make it clearer.

          Thanks, and God bless!

          Comment by johnconstitution | February 5, 2014 | Reply

  2. I noticed that Romans 14:13-14 is not mentioned.
    Word for word – Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.
    I know , and am persuaded by the lord Jesus , that there is nothing unclean of itself: But to him that esteemeth (judges-considers) any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean…-.
    In other words – feel free to make up sin for yourselves – but do not throw them upon others and judge thy brother’s of it.
    A person has no right to make up sin on behalf of God /Jesus , for no matter what – we all in the flesh – are sinners and all must ask for forgiveness via the Mediator Jesus – to our behalf.
    Simular to this – is the lords prayer. Forgive us our trespasses as WE – forgive those who trespass against us.
    Now if one makes up sins for others – they ARE trespassing against them and that will come back ON them , till they know/learn forgiveness earnestly…-.
    Making up sin for others surly is throwing stumbling stones (judgement) towards them.
    I pray people will understand this…-.
    Also – the Ten Commandments pretty well sums it all up , sin starts with people dis-obeying that.
    Obey this law and the rest will come naturally…-.

    Comment by Derek James Zary | April 19, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi Derek, I am not sure what you are trying to say. Are you agreeing with what I have written? Disagreeing? Are you assuming that I am making up sins for others?

      Please clarify.

      Thanks, and God bless!

      Comment by johnconstitution | April 19, 2013 | Reply

      • Nope, nothing against anyone – I just thought people should notice this .
        I notice people judge much of the time – even with trends and fashion and especially how much wealth one has.
        I also think it is not right for people to use a sin that may have been – from 2 to 6 thousand years ago – and apply something from time to it.
        When I was 19 years of age – I was judged wicked for being outside past 10:00 pm , – that’s just an example.
        To be Christian is to be LIKE – Jesus , but I have witnessed that many would rather make up sin and rules – and this is what Jesus was not about. I have seen in peoples eyes – claiming to be saved – while Judging that the other person is not – I am just tired of this. This is why I suspect that there are so many forms of Christianity (which there shouldn’t be).
        This is also why I think so many turn from it.
        As in reply to your comment – I am not arguing against you – just discussing with you…-.

        Comment by Derek James Zary | April 19, 2013 | Reply

        • Thank you for clarifying Derek, now I understand what you were getting at.

          I don’t know why, but my mind just was not clicking at all with your previous post. And I have to agree with you, it is not our place to judge others, nor to lay sins on them or rules for them to follow.

          There is a time and a place for judgment, and One who will judge perfectly, We need to just praise the Lord for His love toward us and the priceless free gift that He has given to us.

          Thanks for sharing Derek, and God bless!

          Comment by johnconstitution | April 20, 2013 | Reply

  3. Thanks once again, John! Serving Jesus is a daily choice… Now, I know!

    Comment by Jeremiah Asih | December 6, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi, thanks for your comments. Yes, following Jesus is a choice we must make daily, consciously.

      God bless,

      Comment by johnconstitution | December 11, 2012 | Reply

  4. […] Are We Married To Jesus But Having An Affair With Satan? (mylordisjesus.wordpress.com) […]

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  5. @sandpiper from twitter here. my sincerest apologies. I agree with you, as with most of the posters. Unfortunately, even Paul said that oftentimes he ends up doing what he doesn’t want to do and not doing what he wants to do so I simply rest on the shed blood of my Savior and not bother to try to be good or worry about whether I’ve been good. I just avoid the muck when I see it’s there instead of running to it when I still had just a pig’s nature in me. Again, my apologies.

    Comment by batang4 (@sandpiper64) | September 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi, thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment.

      First, there’s no need to apologize, these things happen.

      I agree with you for the most part, I needn’t worry about whether I’ve been good or bad as far as my salvation is concerned. Jesus paid the full price for my sin and there is now no condemnation left for me. In the eyes of god, I am cleansed by the blood of the Lamb! Hallelujah!

      But I also believe that God called me out of the world that I may bear witness to the world’s sin by the holy life that I live. I cannot be a good witness if the unbeliever can’t see any difference between me and the world.

      He did call me to be separate from the world, and I find I need to pay attention every minute to try and keep the world from insinuating itself into my thinking.

      May God bless you always,

      Comment by johnconstitution | September 15, 2012 | Reply

  6. My wife and I used to perform regularly in a drama ministry that we founded, Stage Right Ministries. One of the favorite scripts that I felt led to write was called “Eva.” It was a monologue in which my wife portrayed Eva Braun, who spends most of her time on stage extolling the virtues of, and making excuses for, her boyfriend (and later husband) Adolf Hitler. The reason that Eva interested me was that, as far as we know, she had no affiliation or loyalty to the Nazi party or their goals. There is no evidence from history that she was antisemitic or anything like that. My wife said that, when performing and looking out at the audience, she could see the exact moment when different audience members would realize who her character’s boyfriend was (we didn’t reveal that immediately in the script). They tended to be pretty disturbed when they realized that the lovesick girl they were listening to was gushing about a monster!

    The point of the skit—and the connection that I would make when sharing Scriptures and speaking after the piece had ended—is that I think many American believers have something in common with Eva Braun. I think that we can be so in love and so enamored with our culture and our world and its ideals (which are so contrary to Christ!) that we are willing to, like Eva, look past countless faults to keep our love alive. We need to divorce ourselves from our culture (not to leave the world, of course, but from its values and standards) and follow Christ fully.

    Your post reminded me of that.

    Comment by Brad Francis | September 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Brad, thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you found blessing of the Lord here.

      And thanks for taking the time to share your great illustration about Eva Braun and how we can be so blindedd by love that we will make any excuse in order to keep it.

      God bless,

      Comment by johnconstitution | September 15, 2012 | Reply

  7. wow, this has truly blessed my soul. i’m very grateful i took the time to read it. may the Lord Jesus continue to strengthen us & equip us for His kingdom.

    Comment by Vontrail Passmore | September 13, 2012 | Reply

    • Thank you so much for your kind response. I am so glad that these words are a blessing to you.

      God bless you in all that you do.

      Comment by johnconstitution | September 14, 2012 | Reply

  8. This one is REAL AND TRUE!

    Comment by Elise | September 11, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks for stopping by Elise, I hope you were blessed by the article.

      God bless!

      Comment by johnconstitution | September 11, 2012 | Reply

  9. I am thankful for a God who is willing to forgive….we should all strive to live our lifes free of sin…unfortunately it is impossible for us, in our current eartly state, to be perfect…But just because it is impossible we should never stop trying to live our lives as close to Christ-like as humanly possible…But the great news is we have a forgiving God…a God that understands our plight here on earth…a God willing and wanting us to do the best we can at living a sin free life…But you are right…we should not try to live one day for Christ and the next doing as we please….I see a lot of people at church on Sunday and then see them on Monday doing something that totally goes against what being a Christian is all about…So I believe we could all try a little harder….Great post my brother…

    Comment by Pastor Mike | August 20, 2012 | Reply

    • You are right Pastor Mike, I agree with you completely! Living a perfectly Christ-like life is not possible so long as we are bound by this flesh, but the good news is, God, through Christ’s blood has already forgiven our failures. All I can do is say thank you and continue to follow Him.

      God bless you!

      Comment by johnconstitution | August 20, 2012 | Reply

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