What Would Happen If I Gave My Everything?

“The Motions” by Matthew West is a very thought-provoking song.  West released this song on his album “Something To Say” which was the first album published after he underwent “voice threatening surgery” of his vocal chords in 2007.  I have not been able to verify this anywhere, but I like to believe that he wrote “The Motions” during his  2-month period of silence and vocal rest following his surgery, while still unsure if he would be able to sing again.

Whether that is absolutely true or not, the story certainly gives me pause.  West’s surgical experience, which took place very shortly after the problem, polyps on the larynx that were causing hemorrhaging, was made, reminding me that a life changing event could come at any time.  So, I wonder, if such an event took place in my life, would I be comfortable knowing that, while I had the chance, I gave my everything to this Christian life, or would I spend the rest of my life asking, “What if I had given everything instead of just going through the motions?”.


5 thoughts on “What Would Happen If I Gave My Everything?

  1. I truly needed this today! If I’d not been on Bennett’s blog, I would not have seen this. Thanks for posting this, I’m sure it will speak to many people of the glorious ways in which our Creator can use a “scary” circumstance in our lives for His Glory and for the blessing of others. In all things, it helps to be grateful…

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