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In Jesus Is True Joy!

I cannot keep silent with the love of God bursting in my heart.


I know to many it seems silly. Why do these crazy religious people insist on telling the whole world about their faith? Can’t they just keep it to themselves?

Well…yes, I can keep it to myself. I can go to church, sing the songs, pray, read my bible, and never disturb another living soul.

My problem is that, each day, I learn to see you through the eyes of Jesus. When I look at you, or see your name on a twitter or facebook post, I don’t see your faults or your past, I see another person to love. And if I love you, I cannot hide from you that which has brought me such happiness and peace.

Yes, I know that word “love” is tossed around like so many other words we’ve rendered meaningless. The average 16 year old boy can say he loves pizza and loves his girlfriend…

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Join The Twitter Blitz For Jesus

(Note: If you have a Facebook account and this seems interesting to you, please look up Ron Estrada or John Constitution and request an invite to the Twitter Blitz evangelism group)

Would you like to get involved in a new form of twitter evangelism? Then why not try the Twitter Blitz For Jesus? It’s incredibly easy, and there are two ways that you can participate.

The first, and easiest way to participate is to go to the twitter website or to your favorite twitter app and search for #WPFTL. You should find tweets there from different people. The first thing that you can do is, retweet them. It’s really that easy to get involved.

These tweets are directed at the most popular hashtags at the time they were tweeted. So, these hashtags are those that are receiving lots of traffic. If we can have enough people tweeting and retweeting tweets using those hashtags, people will begin to notice, and to read our links. At least some of them will.

So, you’ve done the retweet thing, but now you want more. Well, there is more! First, you will need an online version of your testimony that you can link to in your tweets. If you don’t have that and don’t want to write one, you will need to find some online guides on “How to be saved”.

If you need to write a testimony, using your blog site is one good way if you have one. Or else, you can use one of the long tweet services. Personally, I use TwitLonger.com. Here is my testimony on TwitLonger. See the link at the bottom that looks like this, http://tl.gd/hcqc93? You can copy that link anywhere you want to share your testimony.

Next, you will need to find twitter trending hashtags.  You can usually find these in Twitter or in your favorite Twitter app, or you can just go to #WPFTL and pick one of the most recent ones.

Now it’s time to have a little fun composing tweets.  If you can fit a tweet into the theme of the hashtag that is probably best, but not entirely necessary.  Be creative!  To help get you started, here are a few examples:

The most famous#4famouswords of all time! “#Christ died for sinners” just like you and me. tl.gd/hcqc93 #WPFTL

#best90squotes When I hit bottom and looked up, Jesus was standing there with His hands reaching toward me. ow.ly/aRY4b #WPFTL

#ThereWillBeBlood for everything you’ve done wrong. Christ has already shed it for you. ow.ly/aRxFm #WPFTL

Here are a few quick tips to make our Twitter Blitz for Jesus a huge success:

  • Always use a popular hashtag in your tweet

  • Try to incorporate your tweet into the theme of the hashtag. Be Creative!

  • Always use the #WPFTL in your tweet so other Blitzers can find it and retweet it.

  • Retweet other Blitzers tweets as often as you can

  • Have fun, and God bless!

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A Sinner Finds Grace

Sometimes we reach a point in our lives where it all just stops making sense.  Sometimes the things that used to be fun have become boring.  Or maybe a relationship is ending or has just ended.  Or life has become a sad and lonely place, and full of questions and doubts.  Is this all there is?  What’s the point?  Is it really worth it?


I’ve had days just like that.  Or, to be perfectly honest, I’ve had years like that.


I started smoking when I was fifteen years old.  I started sneaking alcohol from the family liquor cabinet when I was 16.  I started experimenting with marijuana at 17.  I was using it heavily shortly after high school and started experimenting with many other drugs as well, but primarily cocaine and LSD.


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Why Do Some Christians Say “God Hates Homosexuals”?

God Hates Homosexuals!

Or at least, that is the impression you might get from listening to certain Christians.

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