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God’s Forgiveness Is Complete In Jesus

A few months ago, after much prayer, I began what I refer to as a mountaintop experience with the Lord.  I was always singing and praising God and temptation was the easiest thing to avoid.

I believe as a result of further prayer, this time for the Lord to reveal in me something He wants me to change, that mountaintop experience came to an end.

I felt this was the Lord’s doing, though I did not understand why though I knew He had my good at heart.  One result of losing that mountaintop experience was that I found myself giving in to temptation.  It was nothing blatant, not at first, but only delaying briefly before pushing the temptation away and seeking the Lord’s righteousness to replace the temptation. Continue reading


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A Biblical Perspective On Sin

I have been a Christian since 1980, or, for nearly thirty-two years.  I have spent much  of my Christian walk thinking that the main goal of the Christian life is to stop sinning so that I may be pleasing to my God.  I have spent so much energy seeking ways to stop sinning that it is sick!  Perhaps you have done the same.  If so, I will ask you the question that I was asked today.  Has it worked?  Have you been successful in removing the sin from you life?  If you are like me, and if you are being honest with yourself, you will likely have to admit, as I did, that no, it has not worked.

So, I ask myself, why do I want to stop sinning?  Is it because I fear that God will punish me if I continue to sin?  God’s word says,

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Jesus Take the Wheel

First of all, I would like to thank Bernadette for her wonderful post, Jesus Take the Wheel, and for introducing me to the song of the same name by Carrie Underwood.

I read her post this morning and commented on it, but in thinking about it afterwards, I realized that I have more to say, and I wanted to share it here.

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Random Thoughts On Food, Love, And Obedience

I have tried to come up with a blog topic for days but have been unable to come up with anything  coherent that I could write about.  The problem is, I have had several things churning through my mind, so no one thing will bubble to the surface and present itself as a single topic.

So, I have decided to just share some of my thoughts as a blog post.

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Fast? Or Just Hungry?

Along with talk about fasting on a couple of blogs that I frequent, I realized that God had been speaking to me, albeit, very quietly, about fasting for a few months.

A few months ago I had a medical procedure that required a 24 hour fast.  Part of the fast occurred with me at work, and I was surprised at how easy it was to not eat when I knew that I was not able to.  This surprised me.  Prior to that time, I had always had a very difficult time not indulging in snacks at work, particularly in response to stressful situations.  Probably 90% of the time, snacks at work had nothing to do with nourishment, and a lot to do with dealing with stress.

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