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Are We Entering A Time Of Persecution?

There was a time in Germany, probably no later than the late 1920’s or early 1930’s when Jewish persecution was not on anyone’s mind.  The German economy was in shambles with the depression, and soon people began to look for a scapegoat.  Not everyone started talking at once, but over time, the idea that the Jews were the cause of Germany’s troubles became more and more prevalent.

Then, Adolph Hitler began to gain popularity, and with his rise to power, so the idea of blaming the Jews for Germany’s troubles also rose.  Soon, the cry to do something  became action, and a terrible travesty, driven by the evil of this world, took place.  May the six million Jewish souls lost to genocide rest in peace.

I have been hearing recently, or more accurately, reading, a growing voice that all of the problems we face in the United States are the fault of Christians.  So far, those voices of evil have been confined to the anonymity of the internet, but I am reading statements like:

“Christianity is the most prevalent and damaging religious entity in the US”

“All the problems this country faces are caused by Christians”

And so on.  Given time, and the right motivation, those voices will rise, and soon enough, will take on faces.

If I am reading my political and economic cards correctly, Italy is in about as serious condition as Greece.  The difference between Italy and Greece however is, Germany and France bailed out Greece.  But the Italian economy is too big to bail out, The EU can’t do it, and the U.S. certainly can’t.  So Italy, in my humble opinion, is set to fall.

When Italy falls, the shock waves will be worldwide, and could be pretty devastating.

Do you think the Occupy movement is out of hand now?  Wait until U.S. banks begin to drop like flies due to their exposure in the European economies.  We could very well see daily riots in a growing list of American cities, being fueled by a growing mindless and violent horde.  Eventually, they will want a scapegoat, and a new wave of senseless persecution and violence will be born, and may very well spread to a worldwide scale.

As Christians, it is time we assumed our battle stance, that is, on our knees before Almighty God, beseeching Him that this horrendous situation might somehow be averted.


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