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Cast Off The Mooring Lines

Once in a while, God will ask one of His followers to leave everything he has accumulated over a lifetime and move half way across the world as a missionary.  He is asked to leave his home, job, car, possessions, and in most cases, even family members, all out of obedience to the Lord.

Most of us would have a very difficult time following in those footsteps, and for all sorts of excuses.  “I can’t sell my car, its less than a year old!”.  “I don’t want to sell my house, and I don’t trust it to renters.”.  “I can’t leave now, my parents aren’t getting any younger, you know.”.  I’m sure the Lord has heard them all.

We can think of our various possessions as mooring lines on a boat, holding us fast in place.  A home, a car, and a good job are all nice things to have, but with each of these things, our mobility tends to decrease.  Worst of all,  our possessions may take precedence in our lives  over our Lord.

In deepening my relationship with the Lord, I sometimes find myself clinging to one possession or another, drawing the mooring lines ever tighter, even as I resist the change that God wants to make in my life.  And what am I resisting really?  If I untie the mooring line and let go of the possession that it represents, does it mean that God will immediately take it away from me?

Of course not!

Actually, it makes sense to me that the possession that God is most likely to take away is the one that I am clinging to most tightly.  The one that I release into His control He will more likely allow me to keep.  For, once I have let go of a possession, it is no longer a barrier to the Lord in my life.  Once I have released that which I thought I could not live without, once that possession no longer occupies my heart and mind, I leave more room for the Lord to come in and engage me in an even closer relationship with Himself.

And finally, when I am able to cast off the last of the lines which tie my life to this world’s goods, the true Captain of this ship will be able to come aboard and pilot this vessel according to His will.

Lord Jesus, I pray today that You would teach me what it is like to live in the center of Your divine will.  Amen.


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