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Islanders: A Modern Parable

The earthquake was recorded by the monitoring station.  Jesus Mendoza watched as the seismograph scored jagged lines on the drum of paper.  It looked like it might be a big one.  On the other hand, it might be that the epicenter was close to the seismic sensors and that the earthquake was really quite harmless.

In either case, Jesus was on the phone, setting up a conference call with other monitoring stations even before the last diminishing shock waves had been recorded on the seismograph.  After a few minutes consultation and some hasty calculations, a first approximation of magnitude and location was made, and this was no harmless temblor, this was a monster!

The epicenter was about 2500 miles out in the Pacific, a few miles under the seabed, in very deep water.  But the magnitude was what was most troubling.  According to their calculations the earthquake was somewhere between 8.7 and 8.9 on the Richter scale.  And, as with any quake that large, tsunami was a very real danger.

And then Jesus remembered that several months ago, two families had set up residence on a tiny island a few miles off shore.  The island was so small it didn’t even have an official name, and Jesus wondered how they ever expected to survive.  But there they were.

Jesus knew what he had to do.  As soon as the conference call ended he ran from the station down to the boat dock only a block away.  Once there, he borrowed his friend’s skiff and made for the tiny island as quickly as the boat was able to carry him.  The island occupants had no idea what danger was coming.  It was up to Jesus to save them!

When he got to the island, Jesus ran the boat up on the beach and killed the motor.  Getting out, he tied the boat off to a nearby tree so it would not drift away and ran for the nearer of the two huts.  Thank God the family was in the hut!  In fact, both families were there, sharing stories and food and each other’s company.

Jesus rushed into the house and began to explain excitedly about the tsunami.  He pointed out that the island had no high ground, no place of safety.  Then Jesus admonished the inhabitants to make haste and come with him in his boat, so that they would be safe.

One family readily accepted Jesus’ offer, but the second family refused.  No amount of pleading would convince them.  Their attitude was that there was no danger, for there was nothing out of the ordinary to be either seen or heard.  Therefore, they would be safe.

Finally, for the safety of the family that had agreed to go with him, Jesus was forced to leave the island with the agreeable family and leave the refusing family behind, know that they would surely die in their ignorance.

I’m sure that this parable was quite transparent to most people, in fact, I am hoping that it was.

I am too often amazed at the number of people who are convinced that either sin is not a problem that concerns them or that the Gospel of Salvation is nothing more than a fairy tale that can be safely ignored.  And often it is both!  The prince of this world has done his job well!

I am impressed that we as believers must never cease to take every opportunity to share the Gospel with any who will listen.

“For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son…” the verse goes.  God has already given it all to save a world of lost and helpless sinners, because of love.  Now it is up to us, as lovers of Jesus, to give our all for Him!

Father, I pray for opportunities to witness to Your love and grace.  Amen.


October 20, 2011 - Posted by | Christian, Evangalism

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